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Jim Vogel, Founder and Chair of the Lake Norman Small Business Network, is the epitome of his now famous motto: Know-Like-Trust. In August 2014, when he moved to the Lake Norman area, free business networking groups didn’t exist. He wanted a group that would be welcoming to all kinds of small business owners and professionals, both large and small. He started with 8 people at the Waterbean in Cornelius. The group grew so rapidly that needed a bigger place. They moved to Old Town Public House (OTPH), also in Cornelius.


Located in the middle of a large brick building, Brick Row is the new meeting place for LKNSBN.


“We are a completely different model from other networking groups. It’s called servant networking—a derivative of servant leadership. Give something of yourself asking nothing in return.”

—Jim Vogel




Leading the Region in NO’s

  • No application to join
  • No fees
  • No industry limits
  • No membership categories
  • No requirements beyond living in the region
  • No mandatory attendance
  • No referral requirements

New Brick Row location



Weekly Wednesdays moves to Brick Row

The Wednesday 9 am morning meetings are now so popular that as of May 8th, they will be meeting at Brick Row. Located directly behind the Cornelius Police Department, the new address is: Brick Row 19725 Oak Street #9. Cornelius, NC 28031.



Not a morning person?
Other LKNSBN networking events

First Fridays 5:30 p.m. Bin110 19712 One Norman Drive #110 Cornelius, NC 28031

Final Thursdays 5:30 p.m. D9 Brewing Company 11138-C Treynorth Drive Cornelius, NC 28031


LKNSBN’s Community Giving

Carolinas Electrical Training Institute (CETI)

Vogel and other members have been the driving force behind the Skilled Trades Education Fund which gives money to CETI for high school graduates entering the electricians trade. The money is used to provide a tool box and tools, shoes, shirts, and textbooks to young men and women who can’t afford them. The money is raised by member donations and sales of LKNSBN promotional items.


Community Blood Center bus

LKNSBN Blood Drive

Vogel is the Coordinator of the LKNSBN Blood Drive. The blood drive occurs 4 times per year. The next one will be at the Harris Teeter Antiquity location in Cornelius, on June 13th.


Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

Chair of the Marketing and Communications Division, Vogel serves on the Board of Directors, of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.



Not one to talk about himself – Owner/Founder I.M.U. Social Media

Founded in July 2011, Vogel started I.M.U Social Media to serve small business owners, start-ups and professionals with social media content and marketing on a reasonable budget.


 “Many small businesses are not doing it, do not want to do it, do not know how to do it, but know they need it because their competition is there.”

—Jim Vogel, Owner, I.M.U.


Identity, Message, Understanding (I.M.U.) He provides fresh content and marketing strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest, and Google My Business.




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