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Who is First Float – What is Floating

First Float is a wellness center helping individuals reach their next level in performance. Whether you’re looking to kick more ass at your job, live a pain-free life, or reach a new stage of meditation, First Float can help you along your journey.

Our services are centered around float therapy. Float therapy is when you lie in a concentrated salt solution that is environmentally controlled to offer a weightless and calming experience.

Float therapy or “floating” is unique in that it helps your physical and mental states reach a balance. This allows you to perform at your peak in all areas of your life.


More than Just a Float Center

First Float is not just a float center, we are a full on wellness center. We understand the importance of a healthy life and want to share that with anyone who is striving to be the best they can be.


Float Therapy

Float therapy is entering a state of complete relaxation. In order to achieve total peace, you will lie in a tank or pool that is filled with a concentrated salt solution. The high concentration of salt allows your body to float effortlessly (even if you have never been able to float before). The solution remains at skin temperature, accompanied by a room void of light and sound, this is the perfect combination for your body and mind to experience a deeply relaxed state.

Float therapy was first discovered by the neuroscientist John C. Lilly in the mid-1950’s. Floating was originally coined the term “sensory deprivation” or “isolation tank,” and that was because Lilly’s primary study was based on the question “Do our brains need external stimuli to maintain it’s consciousness?”


Halotherapy stems from the Greek word “Halo” which means salt, so when you hear halotherapy you can think “Salt Therapy.” This type of therapy consists of relaxing in a room that has aerosolized salt sprayed into it. This salt get into lungs and and lightly coats your skin to provide all kinds of benefits. Before we talk about the benefits of halotherapy lets start with the benefits of salt.

Salt has all kinds of wonder full properties, not only does it make food super tasty and last longer, it is good for us to incorporate into our daily lives. The salt used in our Halo room is a 99% pure, pharmaceutical grade, sodium chloride, so what you breathe in is salt and not a bunch of silica (sand) or other additive found in traditional forms of salt. This salt acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and mucolytic (loosens mucus and phlegm).

Massage Therapy

Weather it is a full body relaxation massage needed from a tough workload or if it a focused therapeutic massage needed in aiding in recovery. Over all Massage Therapy boils down to one definition. Massage Therapy is the Manipulation of soft tissue to enhance the wellness of the client.

Massage Therapy has been around for more than 4000 years. As we know ancient massage was practiced in china as medicinal, greeks and romans used massage for recovery, the europeans used massage too.


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