Connecting Cornelius: Rep. Christy Clark and Senator Natasha Marcus

CORNELIUS NC: Mayor Pro Tem Michael F. Miltich presided over this month’s Connecting Cornelius meeting at Harvey’s this morning. He introduced NC Representative Christy Clark (D-District 98) and NC Senator Natasha Marcus (D-District 41). Both legislators were there to give updates on their progress and to answer questions from residents.


Cornelius Mayor Pro Tem Michael F. Miltich introduces NC Representative Christy Clark

A typical day for Representative Christy Clark

Starts at 7:30 am with the legislative breakfast and proceeds to multiple constituent meetings. At 10 am there is a committee meeting. She spends her lunches meeting with visiting groups, lobbyists or attending a learning lunch session. After lunch, there is a working group meeting followed by a caucus. From 3pm until completed, there is a legislative session. Her evenings from 5 pm to 8:30 pm are filled with 3 to 4 concurrent events.



Representative Clark is a member of the Appropriations/Capital, Agriculture, Environment, Judiciary, and Regulatory Reform committees. On the Agriculture committee, she learned about the Fried Chicken Festival and hog lagoons.  Among her list of bills below, she sponsored a bill to put $50,000 in the budget to help the Town of Huntersville study the ocular melanoma cancer cluster in the area.



Dog Leasing Not Allowed

One of the more unusual items that Representative Clark spoke about was a situation where someone was charging people for what the customers believed was the cost of purchasing a dog. After a period of time, the person took the dog back because the “fine print” said they were paying to lease the dog. She sponsored a bill to prevent dog leasing in the future. Below is a list of the public bills, she sponsored. (See the full list here.) You can also sign up for her newsletter by email.




NC Senate District 41 – Map courtesy of the NC General Assembly website

Interesting facts about Senate District 41

NC Senator Natasha Marcus describes her district:

  • 182,134 constituents (2010 census)
  • Cities: Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville, West Charlotte, Steele Creek, Pineville, and Ballantyne.

While not a part of her presentation, one of the most interesting facts about Senator Natasha Marcus’ district is its unusual shape.







Senator Marcus is a member of the Judiciary, Redistricting and Elections, and Appropriations (Agriculture, Natural and Economic Resources) committees. She noted that the Appropriations committee has no authority to act, it simply reviews items.


Statistics (the first three months)

  • 109 bills filed or co-sponsored
  • 50+ constituent meetings
  • 36+ community events attended



Senator Natasha Marcus elected Freshman Leader

Senator Marcus was elected Leader of the NC Senate’s Freshman Senators.



Local Bills/Cornelius Bills

Senator Marcus spoke about Senate bill S246, stating that the craft breweries and the distributors finally settled out of court to lift the cap somewhat on how much beer the breweries can sell without using a distributor. She also described S256 which could allow Cornelius a local option to put a referendum to the voters for a 1/4 or 1/2 cent sales tax to raise money for transportation. At this point in time, all sales tax revenue is dictated by the state government.


Senator Marcus has sponsored numerous bills on public education issues to restore Master’s pay for teachers, restore the educational sales tax holiday, and to fully fund school counselors and psychologists. To see her full list of bills including other issues such as women’s rights, expanding Medicaid, and a bipartisan bill to provide funds to study ocular melanoma, visit the North Carolina General Assembly website.


“I represent all of you. I want to hear from you.”
—NC Senator Natasha Marcus

You can sign up

For Senator Marcus’ newsletter by email or by sending a text with District 41 News to 22828.



Other Items of Interest: Bike Expo and Jazz Festival

Commissioner Denis Bilodeau reminded everyone to attend the Lake Norman Bike Expo on May 11th at Bailey Road Recreation Center and the Cornelius Jazz Festival on May 18th in Smithville Park.


Connecting Cornelius is held from 8:30-9:30am on the first Monday of the month at Harvey’s in Cornelius. Each event features informal networking with Mayor Woody Washam and town board members, brief presentations on current topics, and question/answer sessions.




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