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I truly enjoy taking pictures and writing these informative articles every month as a Reporter for the LKNCONNECT.COM I especially love learning about Mooresville and Surrounding Communities and also sharing these great stories with you the readers and residents.

Natalie RamosJune 3 2019,Local Government

Great article Jody Clark on the Jazz in the Park this weekend! VERY thorough!

JudyMay 16 2019,Lifestyle

I love this article. Very informative. I want to try it out whenever i am in the area. Well done Natalie

DeobrahMarch 14 2019,Bon Appétit

Great article!!! It was very well written and informative. I have always wondered sbout J' s Chinese Restaurant but never had a chance to try their food. After this review, I am going to be certain to plan a trip with my fzmy soon.

RobertaMarch 14 2019,Bon Appétit

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